Holidays with an Islamic ethos

Halal Tours Sri Lanka
Halal Tours Sri Lanka
Halal Tours Sri Lanka
Tour Single
Tour Single
Tour Single, our holiday-makers who choose to visit Srilanka expect to discover new things unique to our country Srilanka or Ceylon/Serendib.

The experience needs to be different there is no argument about; we know otherwise, you would not have chosen to Srilanka at all. Having said that, a certain amount of adaptation for halal meals and prayer facilities will be appreciated, and this can be easily arranged and we understand it more since is a experience renowned Srilankan Muslim company.

We have organised with the hotels in Srilanka to be more feasible for to aim to be halal-friendly, where minimal changes are introduced to cater to Muslim travellers, yet not drive away the majority of non-Muslim consumers. Adhering to Crescent ratings in all times.

While the motivations for these Muslim tourists may differ, has customised the need and customizes their products and program strategies too specifically. We have brought innovative solutions to keep the authenticity while showcasing the uniquely best way to have memorable holiday in Srilanka.

  • Your tour coordinator will be a Muslim
  • All sites will be Sharia compliant
  • Hotels will be chosen by the crescent rating otherwise will be informed and agreed upon
  • Kiblah and prayer mat and other arrangements will be in place in the vehicle and hotels (including a Holy Quran will travel along with you)
  • On the way you both Muslim and muslima /sister and brothers will have the privilege to pray on many local mosques
  • And many more as per your personal requirement

There will be always time to pray on the way to your sites.